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This FAQ has been compiled to help you understand the system.  If you need more information or your question is not answered here please contact ida@fossedata.co.uk or call Ida Bouwhuis at Fosse Data Systems on 01945 461904. 



What is the Fosse Data/ Kennel Club Online System?

The Fosse Data Field Trial System was designed in co-operation with the Kennel Club to facilitate entering gundog events online.  This includes Field Trials, Working Tests and Training Days.

Who can use it?

Anyone can register, enter their dog(s) into the system and enter trials online.  Go to www.ft.fossedata.co.uk and simply start with the New User button.  The system will guide you through the very simple process.

Why should I use it?

Because entering events this way will save you time, eliminate the endless form filling and you won’t need to use up lots of cheques any more. 

Whose Trials, Tests can I enter?

Clubs and Societies who adopt the system will list their Field Trials and/or Gundog Working Tests on it.  When you log in, click on the relevant button at the top of the screen to see the full lists of events that you can enter.

Why can't I see all every Field Trial or Working Test.

The systems only listed Field Trials for which your dogs are eligible to enter.  So if your dogs are Spaniels, you won't see trials for Retrievers or HPRs.

I can’t see a Club event that I am interested in entering?

Clubs and Societies register with Fosse Data to have their events listed for online entry.  If your Club’s event is not there, contact the club Secretary and ask them to work with Fosse to host the events.

What will it cost me?

You will be charged an administration fee of £1.10 when you enter an event.  This is an administration charge that goes to Fosse Data to help them develop and run the system. You will not be charged the Trial or Test entry fee at this point, you will be charged the entry fee only if you actually run on the day.

How do I pay the Entry Fee if I get a run?

After the trial, the secretary will send a list of those who actually ran to Fosse Data who will then charge the entry fee to the card you used to enter the trial.  So you don’t need to do anything.

How many dogs can I enter?

You can register as many dogs as you wish on the system.  You can enter up to 2 dogs into a Field Trial as first and second preference dogs.  You can change the preference at any time up to the point of the draw.

When do entries close?

The date and time that entries close will be published on the Trial Schedule which is available from the Club or Society concerned.  This is programmed into the system which won't allow entries after the scheduled time.

My dog has a just won a Field Trial or GWT

Congratulations!   Now go and edit the dog's details, you'll see that there is a section for you to enter the award.  Remember to update it as you progress from Novice to Open.

FTCH (Field Trial Champion) is not an award.

FTCH is a title not an award.  The awards that led to the title are the wins in Open Field Trial Stakes and it is these awards that should be entered into the system.  In the dog details section there is an ‘Add Award’ button which allows you to enter them. 


How does the system know how to do Open Stake draws?

The system is programmed to do the draws for Open Stakes following the rules for preference detailed in the ‘J’ Regulations which are based on field trial awards and society membership. The system takes all these into account when doing the draw.  It is therefore imperative that any awards that your dog has must be entered correctly and note that FTCH is NOT an award – you must enter the 2 Open stake wins in the award section associated with the dog details.

How is the Draw done?

After entries for the trial has closed, the Field Trial Secretary will click on the button which tells the online system to do the draw.  The system only allows the draw to be done once and the result cannot be changed by anyone.

I've entered a Trial.  How will I know if I've got a run?

The system or Field Trial Secretary will send the Draw to you after it has been done.

I don't want to enter online.

You don't have to.  Send in your postal entry as normal.

Who can see my details?

Only you.  Your personal details are recorded to comply with Kennel Club regulations for entries.  They won't be shared with anyone.   Your email address will be used to communicate with you if need be and to send you the draw. 

We have dogs in different Ownerships

No problem.  Simply set up a new Ownership or Partnership by registering each one as a New User and choosing a new login Id.

I'm the Owner but not the Handler.

There is a space in the Owner Details for you to enter the name of the Handler. 

I need to withdraw from the Trial.

No problem.  Log on and go to the trial concerned and then click on Dog Details,  you will see a button 'Remove From Trial'.  Click and you are done.



My Club is interested in using the system. What do I do?

The first thing to do is to contact Fosse Data.  It is an easy matter to set you up quickly but there is, or course, some form filling to do.  The contact details are at the top of this FAQ.

Can the System handle all types of Field Trial?

The system caters for Retriever, Spaniel and HPR Field Trial and Gundog Working tests.   For Pointers and Setters only Field Trials are implemented.

Can the System be used for other events?

Yes, and training days are a good example although it could be used for seminars and other events.  Please contact Fosse Data to discuss your requirements.

Are Retriever Nominations catered for?

Unfortunately, the nomination system is not part of the system and there is no plan to implement it.

My Club is not affiliated to the KC.  Can we still use the system?

Yes, you can!  But only Field Trials and Working Tests being run under KC Field Trial Regulations will be listed on the system. 



How do I manage a trial?

The Field Trial Sec will get a special login which allows you to administer the trial,  watch entries come in,  do the draw,  manage withdrawals and reserves and print the running order.

How does the system handle Open draws?

The system is programmed to take membership and dog qualifications, 2nd dogs into account in accordance with the KC J regulations.

What if an owner has incorrectly ticked the 'member' box?

The FT Sec can change the membership status of an owner if it is not correct. This is the only user information that the FT Sec, or anyone else, can change.

Are All Aged Special Restrictions allowed?

Yes, these can be taken into account when the trial is set up on the system.

How are trials set up on the system?

Currently,  trials are set up by Fosse Data using the Trial Schedule.  At a future date, there will be the facility for FT Secs to set up trials directly.

What happens with postal entries?

When you log in as FT Sec,  you'll have the possibility to enter the details from a postal entry into the system.

How do we get the entry fees from Competitors?

After the trial is over, simply send an email to Fosse Data, or call, and provide them with the list of those who actually ran in the trial.  Their cards will be charged with the entry fee and the total amount is transferred directly to the Club's bank account. 

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